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Creative Lunch and Dinner Options

Okay, we don’t serve breakfast. But Shoreline’s creative lunch and dinner counter offerings are sure
to satisfy almost any other culinary desires. Whether you’re looking for a quick mid-day snack, or a
more relaxed, complete dinnertime tasting experience, paired with one of our delicious wines, our
chef’s shore-to-store selections are the perfect antidote to dining boredom.

Lunch at Shoreline offers the perfect mid-day escape. Pull up a
comfortable seat at our spacious counter where you’ll enjoy a
daily range of delicious shore-inspired options, such as lobster
rolls and shrimp po’ boys, and lighter fare such as crudos, hand
rolls and salads.

Shoreline takes lunch seriously and we are committed to helping
you enjoy a culinary interlude that you’ll find relaxing… and a
satisfying departure from the demands of a busy day.

Dinner at Shoreline is where things become especially interesting.
Our menu will be both dynamic and ever-changing under the guidance
of Executive Chef Josh Loeb. With Shoreline’s unique dining counter,
diners experience what Chef Loeb describes as an
immersive, collaborative experience.

Our inspirations span the globe with seafood becoming the canvas. Our mission
is to showcase and magnify the inherent flavors, textures and cultural
origins of a diverse range of fish and shellfish in creative ways.

“It’s all about seizing the moment. Our inspirations span
the globe…we’re not constrained by borders…if it’s
exceptional, it will be on your plate.”

Executive Chef Josh Loeb